Scientific activity  of the department :
  • Development of methods of prediction of residual life and durability of structural elements taking into account operational damages;
  • Investigation of cyclic fracture toughness of structural materials;
  • Numerical modeling of stress-strain state of structural elements.
Applied works :
  • Investigation of microstructure and physico-mechanical properties of polycarbide-based alloys with carbide and metal-bonding nanowires, 2012-2013,  Bodrova L.G.
The list of research works which is now being worked on :
Assessment of bearing capacity and residual durability of spatial elements of structures taking into account acquired damages.
Development of methods for predicting the longevity of shape memory alloys with variable load amplitude.
Development of methods of calculation of operational impacts and monitoring of the durability of the elements of the design of the rocket carrier during transportation by plane.
Influence of structural-technological and operational factors on the durability of power structural elements of a wing of a transport aircraft with functional openings.
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