You will get a timetable during your first week in the University. Your timetable may be made up of codes. Make sure that you understand what all the codes represent. The timetable will, in most cases, be clash-free. If you have any problems with your timetable, discuss them with your mentor teacher.
Timetables are laid out with the days of the week and time running horizontally. The page header shows the year (current and next i.e. 2019,2020), semester (Semester 1, Semester 2, Semester 3, Semester 4, Semester 5, Semester 6, Semester 7, Semester 8), group code (MB-11,MB-33, etc) and programme that the timetable refers to.

Teaching activity
Each teaching activity displays the following information:
  • Subject name
  • Activity type
This could be a lecture, tutorial, seminar or examination. It is generally assumed that all teaching activities require attending.

More info about lecturers with different disciplines you can find on this page. There is information about teacher you need (location, e-mail, courses, schedule)

Locations can be found using Campus Maps. The locations of the activities vary. Rooms are coded and include building locations.

For example 2-35. There "2" – is the campus number, and "35" – is the room number.
Weeks the activity runs in
Week 1 is the first week in September each year. For further details of week number to date mappings check departmental notice boards.
Although live timetables are always available on the University’s website, please note that timetables can change between now and the start of teaching so do not rely on a timetable printed weeks in advance. It is best to check your timetable regularly or check departmental notice boards where any changes may be highlighted.

You should direct queries regarding your timetable to the Dean’s Office.

Bell times


Class begins

Class ends


08.00 AM

09.20 AM


09.30 AM

10.50 AM


11.10 AM

12.30 PM


01.00 PM

02.20 PM


02.40 PM

04.00 PM


04.10 PM

05.30 PM


05.40 PM

07.00 PM


07.10 PM

08.30 PM


08.40 PM

08.50 PM

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