Languages of instruction: Ukrainian and English

Ukrainian is the main language of instruction, whereas English is used in a number of degree programmes. International applicants are required to demonstrate that they have sufficient ability to understand and express themselves in both spoken and written Ukrainian/English in order to benefit fully from their degree programme.

It is great that nowadays many foreigners that arrive to Ukraine, want to study one of the most beautiful languages in a world. It is a well-known fact that Ukrainian is melodic and occupies a second place by its beauty.
Ukrainian is easy to learn if a person speaks Polish, Belorussian, Russian or another Slavic language. They have a lot in common as for vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation. 
Ukrainian is a native language for 37 million of people and is widely spoken in Canada, USA, Poland, Belarus, Russian, Moldova. Modern Ukrainian language contains around 250 000 words and is in a list of rapidly developing languages. If you wish to learn Ukrainian language and to do it faster, then our courses at Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University can help you out.
Our teachers seeks to ensure that international applicants/students are able to either speak the language of the country that they are visiting, or that they are studying in a language that they are able to speak. Applicants/Students who are not able to speak Ukrainian are encouraged to take intensive language training (Preparatory Courses for Foreign Citizens) before they start so that they are able to communicate with others on a daily basis.
Based on their needs and preferences and in consultation, international applicants/students may be offered to consider studying on one of our English, German, French or Polish language courses which run throughout the year in order to strengthen their language skills to support their studies.

For more information  please contact Center for International Education or visit official website of International Relationship Department.
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